How much to own a car? Now you can know for sure!

A few months back, we wrote an article ($20,894 per year to own a car in Singapore), and it went viral.

Now, we’ve decided to make a calculator out of that article. Find it here!

In a few easy steps, you’ll be able to know how much it’ll cost to own a car!

In this example, we find that the Honda Vezel will cost $17,585 a year to own!


Cost of car ownership calculator

Try it now!

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Missed us? We’re back =)

Just over 4 months ago, for some unknown reasons, our data robots went on strike, and we lost our source! Even though I received many emails from disappointed users, I could not find the solution even after weeks of de-bugging.

But the problems have been solved! With a little luck (and a lot of brains), I found the problem yesterday, and it is now fixed! I am glad to announce today that I hired new robots and our websiteiOS app and Android Apps are back!
I sure hope the robots don’t go on strike again anytime soon. For those subscribed to the Cheap Car List, the newsletter will resume next week! And now that we are back, we have some new features and tweaks planned!
For now, happy car bargaining!
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Uber and Grab vs car ownership

Uber & Grab versus Owning a Car

With the government getting serious in their push for a reduction in car ownership in Singapore, one must wonder: “Is Uber and Grab cheaper and viable option as compared to owning and using a car?”

I used to enjoy driving. I still do enjoy driving overseas like in the UK. However, the traffic in Singapore has become so crazy there is no more joy in driving in Singapore. I remember a time where I spent 30 minutes driving in Parkway Parade’s carpark just to find a lot. After dinner, I found myself in a carpark jam for 45 minutes before I could get my car out of the mall. I have since decided not to drive to Parkway, but instead Uber, Grab or Bus to Parkway.

So far, all my trips on Uber and Grab has been very enjoyable. Much more pleasant as compared to taxis. Taxi uncles are rude and can’t drive for nuts. Uber and Grab drivers are courteous and drive better. Oh did I mention I don’t need to pay a surcharge to pay with credit card on Uber and Grab?

And since I am considering losing my car when my Honda Civic’s COE ends, I decided to crunch the numbers to see if it makes any sense to Uber and Grab everywhere. What I discovered was so shocking that I decided to share it here.

There has never been a more comprehensive comparison between Uber + Grab versus the cost of ownership and use of cars in Singapore.

(if you haven’t signed up for Uber or Grab, sign up for Uber, and sign up for Grab)

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Instant car insurance quote for almost every cars

Instant car insurance quotes on!

On, you will not only know how much will your car depreciate, but you will also get an instant indicative quote for car insurance! was developed to help consumers in Singapore make informed decisions on the car they buy. We are happy to announce today that you will be able to get insurance quotes instantly on our website!
Here’s an example. 
Say you were shopping for a BMW 320i (there are in fact some potentially good deals on the market). By visiting the BMW 320i page, you’ll be able to get instantly an indicative car insurance quote from HL Assurance!
If you are happy if the indicative car insurance quote, you’ll then be able to buy car insurance from HL Assurance by clicking on the “Buy Now” link on our website! You’ll be able to get a quote for almost all the cars on, so just drop by and browse the cars that are on the market.
Instant car insurance quote for almost every cars
Customisable Profile

The insurance quote is defaults to a typical user profile (basically a married 30 year old, experienced driver with 50% NCD). If that profile doesn’t fit you, you can customise your profile so that you can get a more accurate insurance quote for every car you’re looking at. 

Customise profile for car insurance
We do have plans to build on the car insurance functionality on We’ll also love to hear from you on what you think about this! You can let us know what you think, or if you have any ideas of how we can improve, by leaving a comment below!


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Changing the way we sell our cars

We are proud to announce the release of SGCarDepre Sell, and the release of SGCarDepre Valuation.

To sell your car, you could list it on the market yourself, and you might get 5-10% more than what the dealers offered. But the sales process can be time-consuming, and you might be better off selling your car to the dealer.

However, selling your car to the dealer that can offer you the highest price is time-consuming. Imagine calling many dealers individually. Also, there is no way for you to know whether that highest offer you received was a reasonable offer unless you called a significant number of dealers (which again, is time-consuming)!

SGCarDepre Sell and SGCarDepre Valuation solves all of that.

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SGCarDepre 2: New Android App

Calling all Android users of SGCarDepre! We decided to created a new app, SGCarDepre 2 on the Google Play Store. This means the previous app (chances are, the SGCarDepre app on your android phone now) will no longer be supported.

Further and future updates will be done on this new app! Download it now!

New features.

Widget. You’ll be able to see all your favourite cars right from your home screen!

Stability upgrade. We agree, the first app was horrible in stability. We fixed most of the issues in this new app.

1. If I already have the SGCarDepre app, what should I do?
Answer: You should download the new app, and delete the old SGCarDepre app.

2. Why can’t my original SGCarDepre app update itself?
Answer: Due to some unfortunate reasons, we are unable to update the original app. We made the painful decision to discontinue the original app and to create a new app to provide future update support from this new app.

Download the new app now!

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How do I get the SGCarDepre widget to work?

Our update to the iOS app just went live today. With this update, we introduced SGCarDepre Widgets. You’ll see the depre data for all your favourite cars right from Notification Center! These data will  update itself, even if you don’t want to open the SGCarDepre app!

Its really simple and most of you probably figured it out already. Here’s how to get SGCarDepre widgets to work.

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Widgets coming soon!

Widgets for iOS is coming soon! And Android will get their own widgets shortly after as well!

Here’s a preview of what it looks like!


If you haven’t downloaded the app, what are you waiting for! Download it now!

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